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Spartan Stadium - south end zone addition

Project phase: Archived

Project background

  • The south end of Spartan Stadium is lacking in fan amenities, with limited concessions and no restrooms.
  • Fans must use facilities in the east or west sides of the Stadium that are inconvenient and create congestion.
  • In addition, the Department of Homeland Security has recommended changes to the entry gates at the Stadium.

Project details

  • Create a simplified addition focused on providing restrooms and capacity for added concessions.
  • Structure can be incorporated into future expansions at the south end of the Stadium, while still providing an appropriate fan experience.
  • Renovate gates and donor plazas similar to those located at the North End Zone.
  • Maintain the existing parking count in Parking Lot 79 area.

Project scope

  • Construction of an approximately 18,500 to 20,000 gross square foot single-story structure to include:
    • Approximately 236 bathroom fixtures (130 women, 103 men, and three gender-neutral)
    • Four concession stand areas (completed as a separate project for the 2018 football season)
  • Movement of the ticket gates out from the Stadium structure to meet Department of Homeland Security recommendations.
  • Modification of Parking Lot 79
    • Extending it to the west
    • Converting lot to pay-per-space
    • Maintaining the existing parking capacity
    • Maintaining the main pedestrian pathway between the track and field bleachers and Parking Lot 79.


  • The eastern portion of Parking Lot 79 will be reduced to half capacity starting Feb. 18 (pending BOT approval) and lasting through June. The entire lot will be inaccessible from early July through mid August.

  • Coordination with other concurrent projects in the area (Spartan Stadium field lighting installation and Ralph Young hockey field replacement) will be ongoing

  • Limiting impacts to campus events (Odyssey of the Mind, Green and White Spring Game, etc.) will involve coordination with DPS and other entities


  • Construction start: February 2017
  • Ready for occupancy: Aug. 21, 2017


  • $13,000,000 which includes a $705,973 contingency. The project will be funded by auxiliary activities - Intercollegiate Athletics, auxiliary activities - parking, and tax-exempt financing with debt repayment from Intercollegiate Athletics.

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Project webcam



Interactive detour map with current closure information for motorists and pedestrians.