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Special Housing Needs/Spartan Village Redevelopment

Project phase: Planning/Design

MSU is at a crossroads for creating an implementing an integrated, comprehensive strategy for providing housing to its various constituents and incorporating those housing decisions into the use, development and redevelopment of its land.

The Residential and Hospitality Services Strategic Plan has identified family housing and apartment-style housing as important to the MSU mission. However, various facilities which have met these needs in the past are no longer available. The Cherry Lane and Faculty Bricks apartments were demolished in 2011 after exceeding their life expectancy. The Board of Trustees has authorized MSU Administration to proceed with the demolition of certain parts of Spartan Village. The remaining Spartan Village apartments are expected to be removed from service over the next several years.

Shortly after the remaining Spartan Village apartments are removed from service, the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams project will be nearing completion. FRIB will be a new national user facility for nuclear science, located on campus and operated by MSU. It will draw scientists, research faculty and visitors to campus from around the world. Having accommodations, including short- and long-term housing options for such visitors is critical for MSU to reflect the prestige of the FRIB project and MSU's status as a major international research institution.

Additionally, MSU needs to consider how housing may better facilitate the integration of its international students into the campus community and assist other students with unique housing needs in ways that are aligned with the strategic initiatives of Residential and Hospitality Services.

Creating a strategic development plan for special housing needs and Spartan Village redevelopment will allow MSU to consider how best to approach these issues. The project will lead to an integrated approach to meeting special housing needs and identifying the best use of MSU land.

Prior to implementation, each phase or component of the Strategic Development project would be brought to the Board of Trustees individually for further approval. It is anticipated that the overall Strategic Development project will take approximately 10 years to complete.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Contact RHS Communications Manager Kat Cooper at, (517) 355-3465

For more information, visit RHS's special Spartan Village Redevelopment page.




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