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T.B. Simon Power Plant – coal hopper demolition

Project phase: Planning/Design

Project details

  • To clear the T.B. Simon Power Plant site of certain former coal yard and coal handling facilities.

Project goals

  • Avoid capital renewal funding for retired systems.
  • Avoid maintenance costs for retired systems
  • Demolition removes certain retired systems from emergency and security monitoring services including potential hazards from aging structures.
  • Preparation for future site development.

Project scope

  • Demolition of yard area coal handing facilities, including underground hoppers and certain above ground structures.


  • Construction start: August 2018
  • Ready for use: October 2018


  • The cost of this project, which is being funded by the general fund - utility reserve, is less than $1 million.
  • The Administration is seeking approval for this project because it will cause a footprint change at the T. B. Simon Power Plant site.