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T.B. Simon Power Plant – Sorbent Injection for Boilers 1, 2, & 4

Project phase: Archived

Michigan State University continues to pursue cleaner energy options and reduction of emissions from the T.B. Simon Power Plant. New studies indicate that sorbent injection can be an effective and relatively low-cost means to lower emissions from solid fuel combustion.

Project Details:

  • Anticipated to include further investigation of the installation of sorbent injection systems to remove unwanted emissions from the present boiler system.
  • Sorbent injection uses a receiving and pneumatic piping system to inject a dry alkaline (calcium) reagent into the ash collection system of the boilers (baghouse).
  • This process reduces emissions created by solid fuel combustion. It is expected that this emission reduction system will satisfy the newest EPA requirements for industrial boilers.

The T.B. Simon Power Plant is located on Service Road in the Service District.


Start of Construction:  October 2014

End of construction: September 2015

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