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Transportation Fueling Station rendering

Transportation Services – New Fuel Station

Project phase: Archived

The original Transportation Services Fueling Station was located adjacent to Spartan Stadium. There were safety and environmental issues that required moving the fueling station from this large assembly area. Further, there were efficiencies to keeping the car wash, which was at the end of its useful life, located with the fueling station, and relocation of the car wash eliminated the need to move vehicles for major events as Spartan Stadium. The project team identified Service Road, east of the Laundry Building, as the best location for the new facility

This project included decommissioning the existing fueling station and relocating the function to the Service Road location. The new station includes underground tanks, dispenser units and overhead canopy paved circulation space to accommodate large and small service vehicles as well as buses and rental vehicles. The project also included construction of a new car wash to replace the outdated facility.


  • The fueling station opened for business on Aug. 20.

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