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Veterinary Teaching Hospital – Nursing Care Unit Renovation

Project phase: Archived

The Veterinary Medical Center (Veterinary Teaching Hospital) was built nearly 50 years ago. More than 5,000 animals receive treatment each year in the nursing and critical care units of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. As with human hospitals, critical care and “step down” nursing care units are now staffed 24/7 with specialized staff and equipment. Open floor plans have proved to be the most efficient for continuous patient monitoring and delivery of care.

Project Details

  • Modernize Critical Care Unit via flexible floor plan.
  • Centralize observation for 24-hour specialized care.
  • Mechanical upgrades to ventilation and temperature control.
  • Provide natural light by installing roof monitors and windows.

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital is located at the corner of Bogue Street and Wilson Road in the Central Academic District.


  • Current Critical Care Unit (CCU) will become the Nursing Care Unit (NCU) space.
  • Current NCU space will become the CCU Unit.


  • Start of construction: June 2014
  • Ready for occupany: December 2014

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