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Meeting minutes

Wells Hall Addition Presentation

B104 Wells Hall

August 24, 2010 – 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.


    Barb Kranz, Office of Planning and Budgets

    Amr Abdel-Azim, Physical Plant

    Tony Rhodes, Physical Plant

    Sean Hollister, Barton Malow Company

  • Background of project  
    • In June, the MSU Board of Trustees  approved a plan for an addition to be constructed on Wells Hall to accommodate the current residents of Morrill Hall
    • Phases of the project
      • Construction on the addition of Wells Hall
      • After the completion of the Wells addition, renovations will begin on the Old Horticulture building
      • The demolition of Morrill Hall will occur after both previous projects are completed
  • Programs
    • All foreign language departments will relocate to the Wells Addition upon completion
    • The History department will move to the Old Horticulture building
    • The B-wing section of Wells Hall will be closed from fall 2010 to fall 2011
  • Existing building map/site plan
    • Most of construction will occur on the west side of the building,
    • Some on-street parking will be eliminated for safety to avoid cars being backed into the street
    • These spots will be replaced with barrier-free parallel parking
    • ADA parking spaces will be maintained near both A-wing and C-wing entrances
      • A-wing has a total of four spots, C-wing has three
    • All employee parking will be moved to the Stadium’s south lot
    • Temporary bike parking will be available around the building during construction
  • Building elevations
    • Large windows will be put on the east side of building to maximize daylight and People’s Park views
    • Automated shade system will be utilized
  • Construction details
    • Firewall partitions will be put up in the B-wing as barriers between the A-wing and C-wing
    • There will be no access to the B-wing as of Sept. 3
    • These B-wing classrooms will have the lighting replaced and also life safety equipment installed. The flooring and bathrooms will stay as is.
    • Noise
      • Any equipment that will have high vibrations will be monitored
      • Installing the steel frame will create noise; occupants will hear back up alarms and banging on steel
      • General demolition will be taking place
      • We will try to limit noise as much as possible during finals week
    • Red Cedar Road will remain open with flagmen directing traffic
    • The major impact of the project is in the first year
    • Not many smells will be noticeable; fumes will be evacuated from area
    • Construction fencing around Wells will be put up by Sept. 1
  • Groundbreaking
    • Please join us for the Wells Hall Addition Groundbreaking on Thursday, Sept. 16, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the east side of the Wells Hall B-wing.

Audience questions

Q: When B-wing is closed, how will instructors get from A-wing to C-wing?
A: For the first year you will have to go out and around the building through the People’s Park.

Q: Will that also stand true for the custodial staff?
A: The same route will have to be taken; space may be available in C-wing to store cleaning equipment, etc. The project rep will work with the custodial staff to determine a solution.

Q: Will the fencing be up before the first home football game?
A: Yes it will.

Q: What about assistance with instructional technology? That office is located in B-wing.
A: The office can still be contacted through the same phone number (353-3960) and will be relocated to A308; Tom will still assist people as usual.

Q: Is there enough parking at the Stadium for the displaced parking?
A: Yes, the MSU PD confirms there is ample parking there.

Q: What about this project is good for the occupants of Wells right now?
A: This project will bring all of the language departments together and create a great resource for students, faculty and staff.

Q: Why were the occupants of Wells not consulted in the design process?
A:  Project Design Progress was presented four times at various Construction Junction meetings. We communicated with department chairs to try to accommodate their needs. These meetings will take place again in a year to give an update on the progress of the project and answer any questions at the time. If necessary, there will be more updates throughout the year of construction and it will be on the Construction Junction agenda through the entire project.

Q: How accessible will the path through the People’s Park be?
A: The fenced trees signal the location of the sidewalk to be used.

Q: And will Landscape Services make it a priority to take care of that walkway?
A: Yes, they will be taking care of it.

Q: So you said that most construction deliveries will happen after 5 p.m.?
A: Our schedule will be 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., but we are trying to work around class schedules. Deliveries will mostly come from Red Cedar Road and only will come through People’s Park during evening hours.

Q: What about handicap accessibility to the A-wing?
A: There will be an accessible entrance just north of the A-wing facing the International Center; this is the small portion of the B-wing that is open.

Q: Why do the door keys not work throughout the building?
A: That is a department decision.

Q: Will the dock area be completely accessible?
A: Not completely, but notice will be given weeks in advance when it is not.

Q: Will utilities to the building be disrupted?
A: Only when scheduled.

Q: What is the plan for snow clearing for the designated sidewalks?
A: All foot traffic will be diverted behind the building and paths clearly marked.

Q: Will traffic on the road be impacted?
A: It will be a controlled impact; traffic will be slowed, but the road will not be closed.

Q: Are your crews working on Saturdays?
A: No, but we will be doing checklists every football Friday to tie up all loose ends.

Q: What day are the hard wall partitions going up?
A: The Tuesday after Labor Day.

Audience member comment: Wells Hall is a site used for inclement weather shelter during football games, some people may be seeking shelter in the C-wing. Also, the custodial staff that lock/unlock the doors need to know what’s going on. Please always keep us updated so that we can pass that information on to groups that use the area and custodial staff.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Project Representative