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Wharton Center for the Performing Arts

Wharton Center Addition

Project phase: Archived

The Wharton Center is located on Bogue Street in the Central Academic District. The contemporary requirements for large Broadway production companies and the community expectations for star quality entertainment have created the need to change supporting functions for both the Great Hall and Pasant Theatres.

This project includes the alteration and expansion of administrative marketing and production offices, additional rehearsal rooms, star dressing rooms, cast dressing rooms, laundry, crew preparation and storage areas, concession service and storage spaces. The Green Room will double in size to accommodate demands for donor participation. The backstage loading docks for both theaters will have ramp access, exterior canopies and larger doors. Just-In-Time maintenance needs will also be addressed including the replacement and/or repair of air handlers and heat exchangers, stage lifts and elevators, telecommunication systems, and upgrades to fire, security and electrical systems.


  • Construction began in May 2008 and was substantially complete by October 2009, with final completion in November 2010.

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