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Wharton Center - Cobb Great Hall and Pasant Theatre seat replacement

Project phase: Archived

Project background

  • The Wharton Center for Performing Arts, which includes the Cobb Great Hall and the Pasant Theatre, opened in 1982.
  • It is the leading presenting venue among Big Ten institutions and has the largest programming schedule of any independent performing arts center affiliated with a university in the country.
  • The seating in both the Cobb Great Hall and Pasant Theatre is original to the building with the exception of component replacement parts installed in the Cobb Great Hall in 1996.
  • Given their age, condition, and utilization in both halls, the seats are now in need of replacement.

Project details

  • There is extensive failure of the current seating in the theater spaces
  • Audiences have commented on the poor condition of seats in online surveys  

Project scope

  • Replacement of 2,401 seats in the Great Hall
  • Replacement of 585 seats in the Pasant Theater


  • The project will be coordinated around performance schedules to minimize disruption to facility operations.


  • Construction start: Oct. 1, 2017 (seats will be ordered)
  • Seat replacement starts in May 2018 in the Pasant Theatre
  • Cobb Great Hall seat replacement cannot start before July 30, 2018 due to performance schedules, and finish no later than Sept. 7, 2018


  • $1,500,000, which includes a $150,000 contingency.
  • The source of funds for the project is gifts to the Wharton Center.

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