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Photo of the Skandalaris Football Center at night

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Building efficiency

MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities pursues sustainability on both ends of the wire. MSU moves to reduce energy consumption and transition to an energy grid that increasingly relies on renewable sources, it is clear that MSU’s hundreds of buildings must operate more efficiently. MSU IPF is leading the way with several significant energy-conservation initiatives.

In conjunction with the Better Buildings Challenge, a federal sustainability initiative through the U.S. Department of Energy, the university has committed to reducing energy use by at least 20 percent over approximately 20 million-square-feet contiguous campus by 2020. To achieve that goal, the existing-building commissioning process will be deployed across MSU’s aging building fleet. This process is used to “tune up” campus buildings so their systems operate as efficiently as possible. IPF’s Commissioning Services crew is devoted solely to this effort. The campus schedule lets campus users know when and how buildings will be affected.

MSU IPF has several crews of people devoted to making buildings more efficient. Learn about its energy teams.

IPF energy crews

  • Sustainability
  • Central Control
  • Building Performance Services

Learn more about IPF energy crews.

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