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Energy teams

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities is proud to be a key player in MSU’s sustainability initiatives. Several IPF departments and crews work together to promote a greener campus:

Central Control

The core of MSU’s energy management system

Central Control, part of Building Services, is the hub for monitoring heating, cooling and electrical systems in over 100 buildings across campus. Using the Building Automation System, the crew identifies patterns and adjusts how systems run to optimize energy use. The Energy consumption page gives specifics about the system.

Using remote digital controls and sensors, Central Control:

  • Automates the systems that provide heat, cooling, ventilation and lighting to campus;
  • Programs and schedules system operations to meet customer needs;
  • Monitors the status of critical equipment and investigates system alarms;
  • Optimizes system effectiveness and occupant comfort while reducing energy use.

Contact: William Lakos

Building Performance Services

Reducing operating costs while meeting occupant needs

Commissioning Services, part of Building Services, measures how building systems are functioning and identifies steps to optimize performance in existing structures, new construction and major renovation projects. The crew conducts a comprehensive engineering analysis of all building system operations. This process ensures building performance, reduces energy use, improves indoor air quality and meets occupant needs. 

Using a team of team of skilled technicians, engineers and consultants, Commissioning Services:

  • Ensures that new construction and major renovations are built to MSU’s requirements;
  • Documents the condition of equipment and systems in existing buildings;
  • Validates the benefits of new building technologies such as automated lighting controls;
  • Solves chronic maintenance and performance issues.

Contact: Jason Vallance

Energy Systems Mechanical Alterations and Improvements (ESMAI)

Implementing change to make campus energy-efficient

ESMAI, an in-house team of highly skilled technicians, implements the energy-saving measures recommended by Commissioning Services. These improvements range from simple, low-cost adjustments to major facility upgrades.

Drawing on years of institutional knowledge, ESMAI focuses on:

  • Steam-trap testing – preventatively locates, catalogs and tests steam traps; repairs defective traps; performs annual testing
  • Vibration analysis – locates, catalogs and measures vibration in motor-driven equipment detects equipment to prevent problems before they develop
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) controls installation – installs or upgrades Building Management Systems in facilities to allow for remote, automated control of climate and ventilation systems
  • HVAC improvements – diagnoses and repairs system components identified through commissioning efforts; installs new equipment

Contact: Dale Seddon or Jason Vallance

Power and Water

The T.B. Simon Power Plant is a co-generation plant that burns traditional and new fuels to power campus. Visit the other pages in this area to learn about how the power plant works and the types of alternative fuel being used on campus. To contact the Power and Water department, visit their department page.

Contact: Bob Ellerhorst