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Energy consumption

MSU tracks energy consumption in individual buildings. The university is reducing its energy consumption as part of its commitment to the Better Buildings Challenge, which can be read about on the Building efficiency page. The information below tells how the university regulates and monitors power usage.

Energy policy

The heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems across campus are scheduled to run at specific times to attain occupant comfort while avoiding waste. Extended runtime can be requested for specific events and extended periods by submitting a service request or calling (517) 353-1760. Billing will occur for incurred cost where appropriate. All schedule changes must adhere to the HVAC policy.

Consumption monitoring

Central Control is responsible for monitoring HVAC operation equipment in most buildings on campus using a Building Automation System (BAS). This system optimizes the start-up and performance of HVAC equipment and alarm systems. A BAS greatly increases the interaction between the mechanical subsystems of a building, improves occupant comfort, lowers energy use and allows off-site building control.

Direct Digital Controls, also known as DDC, involves using microprocessor technology to control heating and cooling systems in the building. It utilizes several inputs (temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, ON/OFF status) to control outputs on a system (start/stop, valves, dampers, speed) to ultimately achieve comfort levels for the use of the space. The DDC Controls are installed in the building and connected to the Building Automation System that resides at MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities.

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