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Educate stakeholders about MSU's commitment to and ongoing research in sustainable energy

The vision of moving to 100% renewable energy is more achievable when the community sees MSU as a strong leader in sustainable energy development and application.

MSU has made several achievements in energy to date, including reducing energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and increasing renewable energy through a geothermal system for the Life Sciences addition and solar carport initiative. However, many stakeholders are unaware of MSU’s contributions and as such the university may be missing out on opportunities to engage stakeholders in partnerships to support further advancements.

Communications and outreach are critical to our success. MSU will share our story and develop strong community partners through strategic and comprehensive external communications and outreach to inform the public as well as policy makers about the university’s contributions and progress in sustainable energy development and use.

This type of outreach requires a cross-functional approach to communications and outreach, with a cohesive message about energy told by the entire university.