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Goal Three - Become an educational leader in sustainable energy

Great universities leverage their strengths to shape the future in areas of national and global importance. There is no doubt that MSU is a great university.

The Shaping the Future design principles, using Boldness by Design as their foundation, has repositioned MSU as a 21st century academic powerhouse and an economic engine for the region and the state during a time of considerable financial constraints. It has been a uniquely powerful process, demonstrating how an entrepreneurial-institutional culture can serve as a lever to leap forward renewable energy resources during times when most institutions retrench and hunker down.

A land-grant university has a mission beyond educating students and developing research. It also plays an important role in applying its knowledge to improve the quality of life for its local, regional and national communities. As we move toward our goal of renewable sustainable energy on campus, we will improve the lives of our campus community as well as the communities around us.

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