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Systematically invest a portion of energy costs and savings in sustainable energy demonstration projects

In order to facilitate a smooth long-term transition from fossil-based fuels and to make MSU a world-leader in renewable energy science and technology, the committee recommends the university annually invest at least 5% of its energy procurement budget into production infrastructure for renewable energy resources. Possible infrastructure projects may include an anaerobic digester (2013), biofuel production facilities (2007), photovoltaic arrays (project in planning state), a geothermal power plant (2012) or wind turbines.

These facilities will enable us to hedge against future rises in fossil fuel prices, but much more importantly will act as continuously evolving research and teaching laboratories. This will establish MSU as an international leader in renewable energy research, allowing us to better compete for large external research grants. Furthermore, this investment will allow us to educate our students in the creation and use of tomorrow’s energy technology.