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January Kudos


January 31, 2016

IPF employees regularly receive kudos, from customers and fellow members of Team IPF, for the excellent work they do on campus. Employees who have received kudos, or know of someone on their team who has received a kudo, can forward them to for inclusion in a future kudos listing.

Check out the January 2016 IPF Kudos!

Ruben Garza, material and logistics worker II received the following kudo from Ken Hehrer, pipefitter II, for his maintenance work at the College of Law.

Chris Smith received a call that the College of Law fire system jockey pump was not working. This caused a low pressure condition that signaled the fire trucks. Smith and Ken Hehrer determined that the pump/motor was bad. Hehrer took a picture of the label and emailed it to Ruben immediately. Hehrer then called Ruben to let him know about the situation and he answered the radio, “I’m working on it and I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.” Two minutes later Ruben called back to inform that he had the pump on order and it would be sent overnight. This is great service, and he does this all the time.

John Reilly, skill trades supervisor and the plumbing staff consisting of Nick Smith, Howard Ehresman, Andy Meisling, Marci Nickols and Frank Shattuck received the following kudo from Matt Winowiecki, Akers/Hubbard Hall RHS facilities supervisor, for their quick response and repair of damaged water pipes at Holmes Hall.

John, I want to thank you and your team for taking care of Holmes Hall on Jan. 8. Within 15 minutes of calling dispatch about our broken water pipe, Nick Smith was on site to assess the situation. Shortly after that, Howard Ehresman and Andy Meisling arrived to assist. Finally, Marci Nickols and Frank Sttatuck arrived to support the repair efforts. Your team of professionals did a fantastic job communicating with me regarding the steps in the repair process and worked collaboratively to brainstorm the most efficient approach to the repair. Once the plan was in place the repair was swiftly completed. This effort minimized the amount of time the hot water was shut off in the building. With your team in the lead they were able to minimize the disruption to my operation. Due to this efficient effort, I never received a single complaint from our customers due to the short duration that the water was shut down. On behalf of the Holmes Hall team I want to thank you and your team for delivering outstanding Spartan experiences to the residents and staff of Holmes Hall.

Bill Behnke, mechanical skill trades supervisor and his staff received the following kudo from Sonia O’Connor, secretary II, Anthropology Social Science for their work on the vents and valves in Baker Hall.

Bill, thank you for having such a competent, prompt and friendly crew. They were here again today doing a great job on Baker Hall’s vents and valves – as each one in the building goes “kaput!” I’m glad they don’t get tired of coming. Thanks again!

Marc and Lincoln, received the following kudo from Pat Woodrel, secretary II, IT Services University Systems, for moving a desk in a swift and timely manner.

I just wanted to say thank you for getting my request done so quickly. Mark and Lincoln were terrific workers. They handled everything very professionally. The work was done very quickly and all employees were very satisfied. They were a pleasure to work with.

IPF Setup Crew received the following kudo from Marybeth Heeder, admissions associate director, Office of Admissions, for their teamwork and outstanding service.

Thank you to you and your staff for the outstanding service you provide during each academic orientation cycle. As you know, the most effective way to best support our students during their undergraduate experience is for the various offices, units, and colleges to work well together. Working with you and your staff is a pleasure. I greatly appreciate your commitment to excellence and the fact that you sincerely care. Please pass on my “thank you” to your staff. I look forward to working together during 2016.

IPF Setup Crew received the following kudo from Amy Rusnell, secretary II, Eli Broad College of Business, for their excellent customer support.

Maggie Kelly, Janet Forman and I really appreciate the Jan. 5 work on our cart that Jim Peaney, title, completed, along with the two folks who helped him. They went above and beyond and we sure did recognize it! Great people and super customer support. You have great people working for you, Jim.

IPF Setup Crew received a kudo from Richard Zinman, for assisting him in the cleaning of his office as he retires.

Thank you for your help and support! The guys have finished. They were terrific. Please tell their boss what a great job they did.

Bill Naeole, HVAC mechanic II received the following kudo from the ContactMSU team for his kindness and outstanding personable skills.

Bill always greets the staff by name and goes out of his way to learn new staff’s voices so he can acknowledge them. Thanks to Bill! Very much appreciated.

Transportation Services received the following kudo from Brenda Reau, senior associate director, Product Center, MSU Extension, for creating a cordial work environment.

 Everyone in Transportation Services is always so pleasant and helpful to work with. I have been a MSU employee for 35 years and had contact with a lot of departments across the university. Many of them need some training in customer service.

Deb Russel, skill trades supervisor and Mark McKay, carpenter II received the following kudo from Angela Michael, intramural sports assistant director. Recreational Sports and Fitness Services, for a quick response and repair of broken boards in the sauna at IM Circle.

Dear Deb, I wanted to thank you for taking care of the broken boards in the sauna here at IM Circle. I called, you acted so quickly – it was like "magic!" I hope your New Year is off to a good start and truly appreciate all of the help you give me in this FABULOUS 100 YEAR OLD BUILDING!