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Bike safety advocate Tim Potter gets special recognition


April 11, 2017

Sustainable Transportation Manager Tim Potter received an award in March 2017 for leadership from the League of American Bicyclists.

Potter has been recognized for his efforts with the Bike Friendly America program that helps to encourage communities to become more bike friendly. After advocating to create a program for colleges, Potter played a huge part in developing the application process and the program itself.

Potter also helps neighboring communities outside the university improve their bike friendliness, so bike safety is encouraged past MSU’s campus. In addition, he is a League Certified Instructor, so he can officially teach bike safety to those who need it.

“It’s nice on campus, it’s just getting to and from campus that’s sometimes a challenge if you’re riding from home,” Potter said.

Potter helps MSU and other universities become focused around what the League of American Bicyclists refer to as The 5 E’s for a Bicycle Friendly America: engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement and evaluation and planning.

“There’s not a lot of resources in bike advocacy in general, so I like to help out where I can or where I see a need,” Potter said.

Potter was honored to have received the award, but made sure to thank his boss Kris Jolley from IPF’s Surplus and Recycling team who encouraged him in his work.

“To get recognized for doing something, it felt kind of weird,” Potter said with a laugh. “It was also very humbling. I thanked my boss here on campus who encourages me to do this work. It’s nice to have that support from my leadership to help others around the country.”