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IPF employee gives back to Sparrow


August 2, 2016

July marked the third golf outing in honor of Bradley Jaeger “Jay” Ford, the son of Brad Ford, IPF power plant technician. The family purchases gaming consoles for the Sparrow Foundation with the golf outing proceeds.  

Ford’s son passed away July 19, 2013 after battling cancer three different times. He was 22. Cancer didn’t stop him from being a selfless individual, though. In 2010, Jay called his father from Sparrow Hospital and asked for a game console, a flat screen television and an assortment of games.

“Once I arrived with the stuff he wanted, he called a children’s nurse in and told her to put it all in the children’s playroom,” Ford said.

 This was the first of many gaming consoles donated to the Sparrow Foundation by “Bradley’s Legacy.”

“All of this was my son, he started all of this. None of it was me,” Ford said.

Ford’s daughter came up with the idea of hosting a golf outing in Jay’s memory. This year, $4,000 was raised, bringing the three year total up to over $10,000. The $4,000 was donated to the chemo therapy floor at Sparrow Hospital.

“You can arrive for chemo at seven in the morning and be there until ten at night. What are they going to do while they’re there?” Ford explained.

The next golf outing will be held July 21, 2017 at Willow Wood Golf Course in Portland, Michigan. Learn more at Bradley’s Legacy Facebook page