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A TV user points a remote control at a television set.

MSU new cable lineup launches Aug. 13


Aug. 8, 2014

On Aug. 13, Michigan State University will upgrade its campus cable television system. The upgrade will include a new channel lineup that offers a significant increase in channels, many of which were requested by campus customers. Due to the addition of the new content and required channel number changes, there will be an all-day cable outage on Aug. 12.

On Aug. 13, all campus TVs must be rescanned in order to receive the new channels. Learn about channel rescanning.

A large number of the channels will be available in high-definition format. View the new channel lineup. MSU will continue to offer three levels of service through its MSU Campus Cable Television Network:

  • Instructional Television (ITV): Local channels, instructional channels (IVS) and other free-to-air channels. No monthly recurring fees apply, however one-time installation fees may be required.
  • Entertainment Television (ETV): Popular entertainment channels. Monthly recurring fees do apply and one-time installation fees may be required. This service is included with residence hall and university apartment room and board rates.
  • Comcast additional package: Pay services including Cinemax, HBO, Showtime and The Movie Channel. A DVR recorder is also available. See additional information.

Details on the outage, including status updates, can be found on the MSU Service Status system.

The MSU campus cable television network is run by MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities in partnership with MSU Residential and Hospitality Services and MSU Broadcasting Services.

MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities builds and maintains the physical environment for Michigan State University’s education, research and outreach missions, and directs the university’s campus sustainability initiatives and long-term infrastructure planning goals. The unit’s experienced team of professionals keeps MSU running 24/7/365, delivering an immense menu of services and providing expert analysis for university objectives. Call (517) 353-1760 for emergency service.