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Water dripping from a broken pipe.

Take immediate action in response to water intrusion


Oct. 1, 2015 

As Michigan enters fall and winter seasons, IPF cautions campus customers to be aware of plumbing and infrastructure vulnerabilities due to cold weather.  Structural and paint skilled trades supervisor Deb Russel gives a recommendation on detecting water intrusion, "Noticing water on a surface or a floor is a sign there may be a leak or water source broken." Customers should not hesitate to contact IPF immediately if there are any building concerns. IPF Dispatch is available 24/7/365 at (517) 353-1760. Metal services supervisor Mike Ouderkirk says, "Time is of the essence. The faster you call, the faster we can deal with the problem.”  In agreeance with Ouderkirk, Russel says, "The sooner we can respond, the fewer damages can occur by promptly getting the water remediated and the areas dried out."

Extreme cold weather makes plumbing and heating/ventilation/air-conditioning infrastructure vulnerable to freezing and breakage during the winter and spring months. Many such issues occur after the weather begins to warm up as snow and ice melt can cause water intrusion. 

IPF’s operator/dispatch team will ask the following questions: 

  • What building, room number, or lab is the problem occurring in?
  • What is a phone number you can be reached at?
  • Is water puddled?
  • Is the water still flowing?
  • How many inches of water?
  • Is it a carpeted floor?
  • Is there water on drywall?
  • Is the water clear or does it have color?
  • Does the water have an odor?
  • Do you know the cause?
  • Where is the water source?

The answers to the above questions will allow IPF Dispatch to send the proper personnel to the scene as quickly as possible. Dispatch will contact an IPF first responder, who will assess the situation, serve as the primary customer contact and will coordinate the appropriate crews to fix the situation.

IPF aims to stop further intrusion of water, limit damage, provide the fastest service possible and minimize displacement of staff and disruption of work. 

MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities builds and maintains the physical environment for Michigan State University’s education, research and outreach missions, and directs the university’s sustainability initiatives and long-term infrastructure planning goals. The unit’s experienced team of professionals keeps MSU running 24/7/365, delivering an immense menu of services and providing expert analysis for university objectives. Call (517) 353-1760 for emergency service.