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Deep freeze recovery and bracing for what's next


Jan. 9, 2014

As of 2 p.m. on Jan. 9, IPF Landscape Services crews estimate that campus sidewalks, roadways and parking lots are 98-percent clear of ice and snow. Fifty-five hundred cubic yards of snow have been hauled from parking lots and intersections to the former Michigan State Police post property on Harrison Road. The hauling is finished for now, having wrapped at noon today.

Despite this significant progress, due to the sheer amount of snow received and the changing weather conditions, new areas to tackle continue cropping up. Crews are re-plowing areas that have turned to slush and sidewalks in order to widen the space clear for travel. They are also tending to parking ramps that have re-iced. Additionally, in preparation for anticipated warmer temperatures tomorrow and over the weekend, crews are scrambling to uncover storm drains to reduce the risk of flooding as snow and ice melt.

IPF Building Services will have crews working throughout the weekend performing on-site building checks and responding to any rain or flooding issues. Water-related issues could occur due to the warmer weather, and additional staff will be called in to assist if necessary. IPF will monitor building alarm systems and watch the Red Cedar River for both higher-than-normal water levels and potential ice jams.

Due to all of the above activities, crews are as busy today as they were on the first day of the storm, and are bracing for what the weekend weather may bring as far as new cleanup needs.

The campus community’s continued patience and caution are appreciated as winter-weather service efforts continue.

A snowdrift buries bicycles left on campus. A front-loader removes snow from a parking lot. Crews worked late into the night early this week to prepare campus for students. A Landscape Services employee uses a snowblower to clear a sidewalk. To clear the top levels of parking ramps, employees blow snow off and let it fall to the ground. A single streetlight glints off the frosted gate and walk. Snow was loaded into large dump trucks and taken to the old Michigan State Police post so as not to block parking spaces. Sunlight glints off a load of snow lifted high. A front loader works to stack snow out of the way at the old Michigan State Police post.