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Campus building participates in strategic energy saving program


IPF employees participated in another Spartan Treasure Hunt June 14 at Campbell Hall.

The program is an early step in the building commissioning process and engages building occupants to help identify opportunities for energy savings and system improvements.

IPF employees broke into teams and toured the building, looking for ways to improve energy efficiency. During the tour, each team compiled a list of ways to save resources.

“The way we engage with the people using the buildings not only helps us find energy saving opportunities, but improves how we work with one another,” said Jason Vallance, service manager IV. “It’s beneficial for everybody.”

Treasure hunt findings are later validated in the building commissioning process, and recommendations that produce savings are implemented.

To reduce the building’s environmental footprint, occupants were given simple strategies to conserve energy, waste and water. For this reason, all departments that participate in the treasure hunt qualify for gold-level Spartan Green Certification.