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MSU IPF a finalist in the first annual Governor’s Energy Excellence awards


Sep. 17, 2015

The Governor’s Energy Excellence awards honor Michigan’s energy leaders and their commitment to responsible energy production and consumption.  “It’s an awesome concept to recognize folks who are trying to conserve energy, because the less energy we use, the less emissions that go into the air and it improves our environment,” director of engineering and architectural services Lynda Boomer said.  “I’m really pleased we’re being considered for this award. It really shows that our efforts to be Spartan Green are now showing results.”

Michigan State University Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’ efforts to improve energy efficiency are showcased in its Erickson Hall project. For these efforts, MSU is nominated for the first annual Governor’s Energy Excellence award in the category of Best Project: Public. To qualify for this category the project must be energy efficient and owned by a public sector entity.

Ann Erhardt, director of sustainability, nominated Erikson Hall for the recognition it’s received through the Better Buildings Challenge and its extraordinary savings of 41 percent. “Nominating Erickson Hall for this award made sense as it is a campus-wide model for how to save energy,” Erhardt said.  “Many people don’t find the topic of energy efficiency interesting, but is so important.”  MSU has set a goal to reduce energy usage by 20 percent of 20 million square feet by 2020.

MSU is 160 years old and many of its buildings are around 50 years old. It’s a process to go through all the buildings and update all of the old equipment with new, energy efficient equipment, but it is a process that’s underway.  Erikson is a prime example of the work that occurs on campus.  “A lot of work went into Erikson Hall. It wasn’t an overnight transformation,” Boomer added.  “We went in and identified areas where we could conserve energy and implemented those energy conservation measures.”

The College of Education, housed in Erikson Hall, is also engaged in making sure staff is conscious of saving energy.  “We are implementing across campus a lot of energy conservation measures in all of our buildings,” Boomer said. “Erikson is just our shining star right now as it’s saving the most every year.” 

Aug. 20 Lynda Boomer notified that MSU is a nominee

Sept. 10 Governor Snyder announced MSU is a finalist in the program

Sept. 22 MSU finished as a finalist in the Governor's Energy Excellence awards. Congratulations to Roseville Community Schools for winning in category Best Project: Public.