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A letter from VP Kemel Dawkins: IPF transition


Sep. 23, 2014

Vice President for Strategic Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Kemel Dawkins sent the following message to all IPF employees on Sept. 9.

Dear colleagues and members of the Infrastructure Planning and Facilities organization,

It is with great disappointment that I write to inform you of my intention to step down from the position of Vice President for Strategic Infrastructure Planning and Facilities effective January 15, 2015.

Family issues back home in Pennsylvania have made it necessary for me to leave MSU far sooner than I would like or would have anticipated.

It has been a distinct honor and privilege to have served with all of you as we collectively worked to advance the university's mission while responding to President Lou Anna K. Simon’s vision of a continuously improving organization.

This is an organization made up of many loyal and dedicated professionals. I have great confidence that each of you will continue the efforts that we have begun together.

Dan Bollman will be responsible for the affairs of IPF while the university determines the best path to permanently fill the position. Lynda Boomer will be acting director of Planning, Design and Construction.

During the remainder of my time here, I plan to work with Executive Vice President Satish Udpa and other members of the university leadership team to ensure there is a smooth transition in IPF.

Thanks for all of your support.

Kemel W. Dawkins