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Close-up shot of speaker during interview at HVAC workshop.

IPF looks at energy conservation, book preservation with MSU Libraries


July 25, 2013 

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities recently teamed up with MSU Libraries for a workshop about air-conditioning methods in libraries and other buildings that have specific air-flow requirements.

IPF Commissioning Consultant Glenn Remington and Library Facility Director Jim Hensley were instrumental in putting this all-day workshop together. The workshop included a presentation and interactive discussion in energy conservation facilitated by William Lull. Lull is a graduate of the Building Technology program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has served as an energy-conservation consultant. He outlined current energy use within a few university buildings, such as the Main Library and IPF, specifically focusing on the conservation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The MSU Main Library staff is currently working on a building commissioning project to conserve energy. One challenge is that certain book collections and documents have to be maintained at a certain temperature to obtain the highest life expectancy. Facilities personnel must maintain a balance between temperature and energy conservation.

 “I am hearing for the first time some changes or shifts in paradigm on what is considered good conservation practice as far as paper materials,” said Hensley.

This workshop is one step in implementing new ideas for Infrastructure Planning and Facilities and MSU Libraries to preserve books, conserve energy and meet the goals identified in the university’s Energy Transition Plan.

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