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In Spartan Service to MSU: September 2013


Sep. 13, 2013

IPF strives to be the most high-performing, innovative, leading-edge facilities organization in the nation, with a focus on quality, customer satisfaction and value in all we do. “In Spartan Service” is a new recurring feature highlighting IPF’s commitment to the MSU community.

The following examples exemplify IPF’s commitment:

Preventative maintenance averts campus disasters

IPF staff keeps a trained eye on all of MSU’s systems to prevent problems from happening. Here are two examples of the “behind the scenes” (or in these cases, “underground”) efforts that our crews handle daily to keep campus running smoothly.

IPF staff removes tree-root mass

In late August, IPF maintenance crews discovered during routine maintenance a mass of tree roots in a section of the campus drainage system. Removing the invasive beast was critical to avoid a catastrophic sewer incident. Staff worked with contractors to remove 80 feet of roots in a 300-foot pipe. Had it not been caught it in time, there could have been serious repercussions when the sewer systems were pushed to their limits with school starting again and the first football game.

Chilled-water leak quickly repaired

IPF staff located a chilled-water system leak that would have severely impacted multiple campus buildings if it had not been discovered. To reach the impacted section, crews excavated an area the size of a small house near MSU’s Veterinary Medical Center in early August. By working quickly, crews were able to repair the leak, minimize the outage and restore service even faster than expected.

Sudden rainfall causes campus flooding

An unexpectedly heavy late-night rainfall – totaling nearly 4 inches in two hours – led to 50 campus buildings having flooding problems on Aug. 27. IPF staff worked throughout the night to monitor the situation and to clean and dry out affected buildings in order to lessen any impact to campus customers. The rainfall caused extensive issues on campus, with several cars in one campus parking lot having water up to or past the door windows.

IPF launches new website

The revamped MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities website is the unit’s new “electronic face” to campus customers. It has been enhanced to make requesting service from IPF easier than ever.

IPF partners with faculty to create stronger, 'greener' sidewalks

Sections of MSU sidewalks are getting a facelift using recycled glass, which experts say strengthen the sidewalks and reduce the amount of glass taken to landfills.

Interior design services for non-RHS buildings shifting from RHS to IPF

In order to integrate the design process more fully with the complete construction/renovation process, Residential and Hospitality Services and Infrastructure Planning and Facilities have shifted interior-design services for non-RHS entities to IPF. Interior design for RHS spaces will remain within RHS.

IPF opens new campus fueling station

IPF recently opened its new Service Road fueling station for those who drive university vehicles. The new station allows users to obtain fuel with new purchasing cards and will soon offer a new car wash for university vehicles.

Check this page regularly for more updates on IPF’s Spartan service to MSU, and visit the website’s News and Alerts page for more articles and announcements highlighting all of the latest news related to the unit.