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Photo courtesy of Communications and Brand Strategy

In Spartan Service to MSU: September 2014


Sep. 30, 2014

IPF strives to be the most high-performing, innovative, leading-edge facilities organization in the nation, with a focus on quality, customer satisfaction and value in all we do. The “In Spartan Service” feature highlights IPF’s commitment to the MSU community. 

Team IPF serves campus 24/7/365

IPF's Kurt Simon receives Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award
MSU IPF is pleased to announce that Kurt Simon, HVAC mechanic II, is one of the winners of the 2014 Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award at Michigan State University. To be nominated, an MSU employee must demonstrate strong and innovative leadership and embody the Spartan Spirit. Watch the MSU video about Kurt Simon, featuring many IPF employees.

Construction improvements 2014
IPF coordinates and plans construction on MSU’s campus. MSU's commitment to teaching, learning and research requires that we provide our students, faculty and staff with the most current facilities and technologies in order for them to do their best work. This video encompasses some of the major projects that IPF was involved with over the course of this past summer.

IPF staff takes to two wheels
IPF employees have been using bikes on campus since the 1980s. IPF currently has 23 bicycles ranging from electrical-assist bikes to three-speed upright cruisers. By utilizing the unit’s bike fleet, Team IPF demonstrates its dedication to stewardship of MSU’s resources and superior service to campus customers.

IPF communicates with campus customers

  • IPF develops new text-messaging service for campus phones
    IPF Telecommunication Systems has recently developed a new service that allows text messaging to work across all of the East Lansing, Detroit and Grand Rapids campus phone numbers. This means that campus users can now send and receive SMS and MMS messages to and from their 10-digit campus phone numbers.
  • MSU new cable lineup launched Aug. 13
    On Aug. 13, MSU upgraded its campus cable television system. The upgrade included a new channel lineup that offers a significant increase in channels, many of which were requested by campus customers.
  • IPF offers E-911 consultation services
    The Michigan Emergency 9-1-1 Services Enabling Act requires that multi-line telephone systems have the ability to identify the specific location of emergency calls no later than Dec. 31, 2016. If a unit does not appear to be compliant, customers can contact IPF to request a consultation.