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Photo courtesy of Communications and Brand Strategy

In Spartan Service: March 2015

May 29, 2015 

IPF strives to be the most high-performing, innovative, leading-edge facilities organization in the nation, with a focus on quality, customer satisfaction and value in all we do. The “In Spartan Service” feature highlights IPF’s commitment to the MSU community. 

IPF works while university is closed due to winter weather
In February, heavy snowfall caused MSU to suspend normal university operations for a half-day. IPF, however, was hard at work keeping campus free of snow and ice. IPF worked through the night to make sure campus was clear of snow and ice when operations returned to normal. Check out the IPF Facebook page for a photo of the work and a personal story from one member of Team IPF.

IPF promotes green awareness
MSU IPF's Sustainabilty department is encouraging MSU students to get caught "green-handed" when recycling on campus. MSU is competing in RecycleMania, an annual recycling competition between more than 400 colleges and univerisities across North America. Sustainability also educates the MSU community about creating a sustainable community on campus. Check out the videos below for more information about all of MSU's green efforts.

Sustainability revamps two websites
Sustainability revamped two of its MSU websites, Be Spartan Green and MSU's Energy Transition. Both sites now have a refreshed look and feel to better serve the public. The Be Spartan Green site showcases MSU's efforts to increase its sustainabilty and to educate the university community on the best ways to be green. MSU's Energy Transition site highlights the university's high-level, strategic plan to create an environment in which MSU is powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

IPF keeps campus customers informed
MSU IPF made sure its campus customers were aware of the university's space-heater policy and how to get help regarding heating concerns in MSU work areas. IPF also informed campus of the IPF Telecommunication Systems department's emergency resources toolkit to assist campus customers with preparing to support their operational services remotely in the event of weather situations when MSU implements its emergency operations plan. 

IPF saves witch hazel tree
In December, IPF's Landscape Services department transplanted a Witch Hazel tree from Olds Hall to Chittenden Hall to prepare for the last construction phase of West Circle’s infrastructure upgrade in the spring. It’s a one-of-a-kind specimen in the MSU collection, and the move ensures that it can be seen on campus for years to come. Visit IPF's Facebook page to see photos of the process.

IPF completes several high-profile construction projects
MSU IPF managed several large construction projects last year. Take a look at the following links that highlight a few of those projects.

Check this page regularly for more updates on IPF’s Spartan Service to MSU, and visit the website’s News and Alerts page for more articles and announcements highlighting all of the latest news related to the unit.