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October 10, 2016

While fans cheer on their favorite MSU athletics team, Infrastructure Planning and Facilities is behind the scenes making it all possible. Custodians, plumbers and electricians work together to keep MSU’s stadiums running smoothly.

The preparation for a Spartan football game starts the Monday before. Jim Peaney, materials and logistics planner/ inspector/ analyst, takes the lead. IPF sets up lights across campus, restocks stadium bathrooms, monitors concession equipment and even keeps the scoreboard running. IPF is constantly on call during a game.

“I take calls and determine who needs to go out. My phone rings non-stop for a few hours, Peaney added.

Occasionally, IPF helps with emergencies such as crowd control or assisting Spartan fans.

“With so many people in one place, emergencies happen. IPF has had to step in several times,” Peaney said.

IPF is responsible for putting on and taking off the tarp covering Spartan Stadium.

Tarp being rolled out across Spartan Stadium's football tarp

Tarp being rolled out on the Spartan Stadium football field

Tarp being rolled out at Spartan Stadium football field

The tarp is the barrier between the freshly painted lines and any possible rain in the days before a game. The process requires at least 20 people and takes an hour on a non-windy day.

Sometimes the tarp will be moved on or off the field several times in a week, and possibly more than once in a day. 

“If a gust of wind catches it, it can pick up a grown man. We have to be careful,” Peaney said.

IPF also brings up the basketball stadium floor several times a year to prepare for events in the Breslin Student Events Center.

Many departments come together to make events successful. This includes a large group of employees from Custodial Services who keep the stadiums clean before, during and after events.

“We usually need hundreds of people to help clean up after football games,” said Custodial Services manager Brandon Baswell. “We often get a lot of student volunteers as well.”