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IPF Craftsmanship - Budd Pulver


September 28, 2016

Through years of work experience, Budd Pulver, roofing skilled trades supervisor, has developed the philosophy that people are the most valuable asset to any organization.

“I’ve worked at a lot of different companies with all sorts of people,” Pulver said. “A mistake a lot of managers make is placing value on things other than good employees. Yes, up to date technology, great equipment and top notch business strategies are important, but people make everything go.”

Pulver, now a manager himself, wanted to find a way to motivate employees without coming down with an iron fist. He was driving on the highway one day when he saw a sign on the back of a truck that read, “You are a valuable asset.”

“I knew immediately when I saw the sign that I had found a way to motivate my guys,” Pulver said.

As soon as he got to work the next day, he constructed a mirror in the glass shop and hung it outside his office. Above it, he had “MSU’s most valuable asset” painted in green.

“I want all the people that work in this building, and anyone else who may be stopping through, to know that they are a valuable part of the team that is Michigan State University.”