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IPF crews and what they do: Roofing


Jan 29, 2016

The roofing crew at Michigan State University Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) works all winter to keep campus rooftops clear of hazardous snow and ice.

Budd Pulver, roofing skilled trades supervisor, explains that his crew works to prevent damage caused by ice and snow that accumulate on rooftops. 

“When snow and ice melt, it can cause roof damage and leak into buildings. That’s why we work proactively instead of reactively,“ said Pulver.

The roofing crew does their best to proactively battle these dangerous winter elements by removing the snow and ice accumulation prior to it melting which would lead to ice formations. To work more efficiently several new technology have been installed, including ice shields and copper roofing. Ice can build up under shingles on roofs, which break and fall to the ground. This also leaves the roof vulnerable to snow and ice, which can cause leaks as they melt. This is why ice shields are installed under shingles to promote watershed/water resistance. Copper roofing is being used to replace problem areas of shingles on Snyder Phillips, which will prevent ice from building up on roofs. 

When asked if there’s anything the campus community could do to stay safer in the winter, “If you see caution tape; don’t walk under it. Ice and snow that’s scraped off roofs can be heavier than you think; the caution tape is there for your safety,” said Bob Lusk roofer II.

See the gallery below for examples of these new technologies on campus.

An area of the Mason Abbott Hall roof where ice built up and broke the shingles off. Ice Shield is installed on the roof of Mason Abbot Hall to reduce the amount of ice buildup as it promotes watershed. An image of snow and ice buildup that can cause roof damage if not removed. An air conditioner that fell out of the window after a heavy load of snow and ice fell onto it from the roof. Copper roofing is installed on problem areas of Snyder Phillips Hall to decrease the amount of snow and ice buildup. The IPF Roofing crew uses lifts to remove snow from building rooftops on campus. The IPF roofing crew removes around 2,000 pounds of snow and ice from the T.B. Simon Power Plant after a snowfall in February 2014.