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From left to right; mechanical/energy engineer Dan Francis, energy educator Stu Neils, commissioning consultant Emily Berghorn and project manager Ryan Gallagher attended the Governor's Energy Excellence Awards on behalf of MSU August 11.

MSU honored among top members of Michigan’s energy-efficient community


August 31, 2016

IPF’s Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) team received an honorable mention at the Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards for work on the Wharton Center of Performing Arts.

The project stemmed from the ECM team’s commissioning process in buildings around campus. Through inspection and analysis, the crew identifies opportunities for building and system upgrades that result in a return on investment of five years or less.

New CO2 sensors were installed in the Wharton Center’s heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The sensors allow the outside air ventilation to be reduced when the spaces are not fully occupied with guests, which in turn results in less air to cool or heat.

This yields considerable energy savings without affecting comfort. With steam and electrical consumption reduced by 18.9 percent and 25.3 percent respectively, the annual savings in utility bills totals nearly $60,000.

“We’re proud to be a part of a project that helps MSU reduce energy consumption and provides a prompt return on their investment,” said project manager Ryan Gallagher.