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Director Of Buidling Services Gus Gosselin rides his bike with his helmet on outside the IPF building in the parking lot.

IPF staff takes to two wheels


Aug., 29, 2014 

The MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities team uses bicycles when possible to travel across campus in order to save on university resources and to Be Spartan Green.

IPF employees have been using bikes on campus since the 1980s. IPF currently has 23 bicycles ranging from electrical-assist bikes to three-speed upright cruisers. The majority of the bikes belong to specific IPF departments and serve as the primary vehicle of some employees, but six are always available to all IPF employees for check out.

“The bike is my vehicle,” Elevator Mechanic Phil Ramirez said. “In the summertime, I can get around just as quickly on that as anybody else in a vehicle.”

Ramirez said that there are many employees who need larger vehicles for their tools, parts and other materials. However, there are situations where a bicycle will work just as well.

“There’s something about just being out there, not being tied to the vehicle, which is nice,” Ramirez said. “I think you get to enjoy a little bit more of campus that way.”

Ron Williams, roofer I, uses an electric-assist bike to get around on campus. Performing masonry inspections, Williams does not need to carry much equipment. For his purposes, riding a bicycle is both quicker and more efficient.

“For what I do, it’s a lot easier to use this bike than a car, and it saves a lot of fuel,” said Williams. Williams likes that the bike assists him in staying healthy, but that it also has the electric motor to fall back on when traveling across MSU’s 3.1 square-miles of campus.

“It’s very efficient, very easy to ride, and very user-friendly,” said Williams.

Gus Gosselin, director of Building Services, also frequently uses a bicycle to navigate MSU. He travels to campus meetings on two wheels, using the campus biking infrastructure in place at MSU.

“MSU has a most excellent infrastructure for biking around campus,” Gosselin said. “We have bike lanes on more than 68 percent of our roads, we have the MSU Bikes Service Center and two enclosed bike parking facilities.”

By utilizing the unit’s bike fleet, Team IPF demonstrates its dedication to stewardship of MSU’s resources and superior service to campus customers.

MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities builds and maintains the physical environment for Michigan State University’s education, research and outreach missions, and directs the university’s campus sustainability initiatives and long-term infrastructure planning goals. The unit’s experienced team of professionals keeps MSU running 24/7/365, delivering an immense menu of services and providing expert analysis for university objectives. Call (517) 353-1760 for emergency service.