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IPF takes the lead in MSU fire safety


Jedidiah Asher, maintainer of fire safety equipment, Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, can be seen all over campus on a daily basis. Many don’t know what Asher does, but it could potentially save a life – fire extinguisher maintenance. 

IPF took over the fire extinguisher maintenance program from the Department of Police and Public Safety last year. Asher has been working for MSU for 10 years, and his previous experience working for a fire department made him a great fit for the program. With Mary Clark, training and logistics supervisor, and Andy Smith, occupational safety compliance officer, Asher reorganized the system of maintaining every fire extinguisher on campus.

“It’s very important to know where the nearest fire extinguisher is and what type it is,” Asher said.

The fire extinguisher program splits campus into six zones. Asher rotates these zones every six months, the newest rotation began this month. Asher inspects the extinguishers, making sure they’re in good working condition. Every six years, the fire extinguishers on campus are recharged, which involves refilling the agent inside, or emptying it then refilling. This ensures the extinguisher will always be ready for use. Every 12 years, the extinguishers are replaced. IPF Safety works with the East Lansing fire marshal to make sure the extinguishers are in top shape.

There are six different types of fire extinguishers: Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, Class K and water. Each extinguisher is meant to put out different types of fires.

Questions on fire extinguishers can be directed to Mary Clark, training and logistics supervisor, at or (517) 432-0004.