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Keep MSU Green: Summer Energy Conservation


During these summer months, please help conserve energy and remember to turn OFF computers, monitors, fax machines, copiers and other energy consuming equipment when you leave for the day.

Simple actions save energy and you can make a difference. Exercising thermostat control is one of the best ways that individuals can help the university reduce energy costs as the seasons change.

Thermostats should be set no lower than 75 degrees. Compensate for temperature in your space by dressing for personal comfort. A one degree change in the thermostat setting (higher in summer) saves the University about $225,000.

Turn lights OFF when you are the last one to leave a room. Use day lighting when available and keep lights OFF, this will help your space stay cooler in the summer months!

Turn window air conditioners OFF at night or to a higher temperature so that it does not run as often. Close window shades if the sun is too hot and before you leave in the evening.

Laboratories should keep fume hood sashes closed for energy savings and safety reasons.

Public Service Energy Message from the Director of Utilities, Robert Ellerhorst and Building Performance Services Manager, Jason Vallance.