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Campus building receives lab upgrades over the summer


September 12,2016

Two labs in the Natural Science building received complete renovations over the summer. The entire process was overseen by Planner/Inspector/Analyst II Carol Cool.

In addition to a new paint job, the labs were completely stripped of all materials and given brand new cabinets, desks, tiling and window shades.

“Everything came out pretty well,” said Cool, who was the project manager. “I think the client was very pleased.”

These updated learning and research areas provide a fresh, modernized work environment for students and faculty. See the labs transform to a hub for collaborative research and study below.

Natural Science lab in it's early stages of renovation. Room is a mess and covered with plastic. Photos courtesy of Haywood LiggettA machine used to clean the room. It is covered in white paint.

Lab with everything torn from the walls and the floor stripped up.

Lab with everything stripped out of it. There's a ladder in the center of the picture near a window.

Lab with building, painting, and other types of supplies scattered throughout.

Lab is now painted and floor has tiling. Supplies are still scattered throughout the room.

Lab with less supplies scattered throughout. New black shades are now added to the windows.

An employee paints a wall in the lab.

The labs now have new wooden cabinets and desks.

Labs with new desks and file cabinets in the back left hand corner. Boxes are on the tables.

Finished Lab. Room now has an added television and whiteboard.