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One of MSU's university vehicles waits outside of the new IPF car wash.

MSU’s new car wash on Service Road now open


March 26, 2014

Michigan State University Infrastructure Planning and Facilities is pleased to announce the opening of its new car wash at 409 Service Road (northeast of the T.B. Simon Power Plant) for campus customers who drive university vehicles. The Service Road fueling station opened for business a few months ago, and now the car wash is open at that location as well.

The new car wash is open for business from 7 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., Monday to Friday, and accommodates most university cars and trucks less than 7 feet in height. University vehicles with ladder racks and dual rear wheels are not permitted, but a hand power-wash wand is still available for those larger vehicles at the IPF Transportation Services Service Garage at Spartan Stadium.

Customers should use the green fuel purchasing card (used to purchase fuel on campus) for their car-wash transactions by following the instructions located at the kiosk outside of the car wash entrance. An attendant is on duty during business hours to assist campus customers, including support with campus fuel purchasing cards.

In line with MSU’s sustainable practices, the car wash uses reclaimed water to conserve the university’s resources. Approximately 70 percent of the water used in the car wash is reclaimed.

The former car wash at Spartan Stadium is now closed. For the foreseeable future, the service garage will remain at the stadium location and the vehicle-rental office will remain at the Central Services Building just east of Spartan Stadium. Customers will continue to pick up and drop off vehicles at the vehicle-rental office and will use the Service Road fueling station to fuel and wash their university vehicles.

For more information, contact IPF Transportation Services at or (517) 355-1868.

MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities builds and maintains the physical environment for Michigan State University’s education, research and outreach missions, and directs the university’s sustainability initiatives and long-term infrastructure planning goals. The unit’s experienced team of professionals keeps MSU running 24/7/365, delivering an immense menu of services and providing expert analysis for university objectives. Call (517) 353-1760 for emergency service.