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New collaboration focuses on campus roads, parking lots


March 17, 2016 

There are more than 260 acres of roadway and parking lot asphalt pavement throughout Michigan State University’s campus – and a new partnership between MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) Landscape Services and the College of Engineering will create ongoing opportunities to make the best decisions when it comes to maintaining this critical asset. 

IPF collaborated with the Civil Engineering Department, which established the National Center for Pavement Preservation to assess campus pavements and determine future maintenance activities that will prolong the lifespan of the pavements. This research involves students performing pavement assessments and faculty and staff analyzing the results to contribute to future decisions.

“This research will better inform IPF staff on construction and maintenance decisions relating to pavements and the resulting financial investments required,” said Adam Lawver, assistant manager of Landscape Services. “In addition, this opportunity provides students the ability to apply what they learn in the classroom directly in the field of pavement assessment and preservation.”

Lawver said long-term, the team hopes to further research and help other universities and municipalities with pavement preservation and financial decisions, especially when it means hundreds of thousands of dollars could potentially be saved with the right plan in place.

According to Lawver, this effort aligns well with MSU’s Bolder by Design strategic framework and provides a model for the academic and support operations of the university to explore and learn from each other.

“I think across the university we have an opportunity to do more of these types of efforts, and hopefully this example will spark an idea for future endeavors,” he said.