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The new IPF website can be viewed on full computer screens and mobile devices.

IPF launches new website


June 20, 2013

MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities is proud to launch its new website, which has been created to be more accessible, more user-friendly and an excellent digital face for customers.

Instead of organized by department, the site is organized by service and subject matter. IPF news and alerts have a prominent location on the new site, giving visitors quick access to IPF projects that might impact them, news about the unit and upcoming events. The comprehensive online service guide allows customers to easily search and sort through every service offered by IPF. In addition, the online service requests have been revamped to allow customers greater ease when requesting service. Several improvements have already been made during the past few months, and even more enhancements are planned.

Users are encouraged to fill out a website survey to give IPF feedback on the new site.

In addition, web users can learn more about Infrastructure Planning and Facilities through its social-media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Focusing on the website as the official channel for all IPF news will allow IPF to focus on releasing news, alerts and other forms of communications as soon as possible by making them available online. An e-mail alert, detailing the latest website updates, will be distributed to subscribers and all unit employees on a regular basis. Sign up to subscribe to the IPF news e-mail.

MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities builds and maintains the physical environment for Michigan State University’s education, research and outreach missions, and directs the university’s sustainability initiatives and long-term infrastructure planning goals. The unit’s experienced team of professionals keeps MSU running 24/7/365, delivering an immense menu of services and providing expert analysis for university objectives. Call (517) 353-1760 for emergency service.