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New building focuses on STEM-related fields


June 20, 2017

Construction is underway on MSU’s Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building (ISTB) – a facility that will enhance recruitment efforts for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields and provide students and faculty more research space.

The building will be located adjacent to the Bott Building for Nursing Education and Research, Bio Engineering Facility and the Clinical Center off of Service Road.

Parking lot 100 is currently being expanded to make room for the parking that will be unavailable at lot 90 during construction. Underground utilities are also being extended to support the building and future growth of south campus.

“The timeline is probably the biggest challenge. Typically a project like this takes about four years from design conception to substantial completion,” said Jeff Kasdorf, an engineer in Planning, Design and Construction.

Even though a portion of this building is a duplication of the Grand Rapids Research Building, there is a significant amount of redesign required to facilitate a different program, a unique site and campus utilities.

“Everybody on the team is excited to be a part of it,” he added. “This project is uniquely challenging in a multitude of ways, but everyone is rising to that challenge and it is exciting to see everyone come together.”