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IPF Telecom Systems online billing shows monthly charges


Sep. 24, 2014

Select monthly billing records from IPF Telecommunication Systems are considered by the Office of the Controller to be sensitive but not confidential. Billing data is housed in a separate system from EBS and access is restricted by fiscal officers such that they can only view billing records assigned general ledger numbers associated with their fiscal-officer permissions.

Customers can view, print or download their recurring monthly charges for IPF’s Telecommunication Systems department via the IPF Telecommunication Systems online billing system. This bill covers all telephone, fiber optics, cable television and two-way radio services billed to an EBS-approved general-ledger number.

In order to log into the billing system, first register with IPF Telecommunication Systems. Department fiscal officers must authorize staff in their respective areas to access recurring monthly charges. To facilitate this process, IPF Telecommunication Systems has established a customized service request to add/remove access to online billing statements. The fiscal officer is not required to submit the service request but the requestor must enter the fiscal officer on the form. Before processing the request, IPF Telecommunication Systems will send an e-mail to the fiscal officer to verify access request.  

It is important for fiscal officers to maintain user access as authorized users log in to the Telecom billing systems with their MSUNet ID. Users will retain access until IPF Telecomunication Systems has removed them, so it is important that the department requests access changes when staff leave the department or if access to the billing data is no longer necessary.

IPF is planning to have fiscal-officer routing for the service request system this fall. With that function in place, the service request will route to the fiscal officer for confirmation before submission to IPF Telecommunication Systems.

For more information on Telecom billing, visit the Telecom billing page on the IPF website or call IPF Telecommunication Systems at (517) 353-5515.

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