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IPF offers emergency resources toolkit


Oct. 3, 2014

IPF Telecommunication Systems has resources to assist campus customers with preparing to support their operational services remotely in the event of weather situations when MSU implements its emergency operations plan. This is also in support of the Guidance for Maintaining MSU Critical Functions and Services provided by MSU Human Resources.

Campus departments and their essential employees are often expected to cover their main telephone numbers remotely when MSU operations are suspended due to inclement weather events. IPF has a central page, the emergency resources toolkit, to review the telecommunication resources that will assist with both planning and implementing departmental plan.

The most effective approach for covering telephones remotely is for departments to consult with the Telecommunication Systems team at MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities well in advance of any potential event. This can be accomplished by submitting a service request. An analyst will review department-specific technical configurations, telephone equipment and system needs to recommend the appropriate solution. There is no cost associated with this consultation service.

IPF online service-request buttons

To request telecom services from the IPF home page, select the “request service” green button which will take you to the service list page where you can select the specific type of telecom services needed. The form chosen will guide you in successfully completing your request.

If you select the “general service” green button on the home page, it will take you to the generic IPF service form and will be routed to central IPF staff for processing.

Find out more about Telecom’s customized online service request forms or call the Telecom office at 353-5515 if you are interested in a hands-on demonstration on how to submit an online service request.

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