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IPF announces telecom rate changes for 2014-15


Sep. 18, 2014

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities will roll out its telecommunication rate changes for the 2014-2015 billing year to its campus customers starting with the September ledger (the telecommunications bill dated Aug. 25, 2014). Many service rates will have increases of less than 3 percent, be unchanged and in some cases will be lower. However, there will be larger increases for some services related to new agreements with both Comcast and AT&T.  

Rate increases

Rate increases for all Centrex telephone lines: Centrex is an AT&T hosted phone service with a user-friendly interface, built-in redundancy and 24-hour monitoring and maintenance. IPF anticipates the Centrex rates may increase following the expiration of this new three-year agreement with AT&T in August 2017. IPF will research and explore options to migrate from these services over the next three years and will communicate with MSU departments regarding potential options.

Rate increases that average 6 percent for all Campus Entertainment Television (ETV) outlets: This is due to increased licensing increases from Comcast for the expanded channel line-up and one-time expanded equipment costs required at the campus edge.

Rate increases of less than 3 percent will apply for various services, including campus two-way radios and radio lease (non-800 MHz).

Rates unchanged

Rates that will remain unchanged include:

  • Avaya PBX telephone lines
  • Local calls
  • National long distance
  • Various installation/move rates for Centrex lines

Rate decreases

Rate decreases will apply for services, including fiber-optic strand rates.

For more information, contact IPF Telecommunication Systems Customer Support at (517) 353-5515.

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