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MSU employees visit Texas power plant


Recently, MSU employees Robert Ellerhorst and Wolfgang Bauer traveled to Rock Island, Texas to visit the Sky Global Merchant Power Plant. The plant was built to support the large capacity of wind-based renewable energy in Texas.

Ellerhorst and Bauer were interested in learning more about Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (RICE) technology focusing on the six natural gas engines. Both agreed that the visit provided ideas to benefit MSU.

“Seeing and learning about the different technologies used at a merchant power plant will help us improve the overall efficiency of our power plant,” said Robert Ellerhorst, director of utility services.

Bauer believes that speaking to other plant operators can help answer questions related to modernizing the power plant at MSU.

“It’s important to find the balance of deploy ability, performance, cogeneration opportunities and efficiency,” said Bauer, a senior consultant at MSU. “The plant operators gave us insight on how to work towards our goals.”