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Winter patching-pothole maintenance in full swing


February 27, 2017

Michigan winters are known for harsh cold weather, chilling winds and ice, and these factors can cause damage to infrastructure pretty fast.

“Our biggest priorities when it comes to potholes are roadways and crosswalks,” said Kimberly Consavage, group leader for IPF’s hard surface crew.

According to Consavage, many of the potholes that occur on campus are usually in the older roadways built before newer technology and machinery was introduced.

Once the problem is reported, either through a phone call or social media, the hot patch wagon is hooked to a truck to be taken out to the area. Potholes are generally filled 24 hours after a report. In order to properly and safely fill potholes, the process of patching must take place at a time when traffic is clear and safety measures are ensured.

The patching asphalt is used as a temporary fix for the season until the road can be properly maintained.

To report a pothole, call 517-353-1760 or connect with MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities on Twitter or Facebook.