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Two trees with yellow caution tape wrapped around their trunks to let Landscape Services' crew know it needs to be worked on and to let civilians know to be cautious when around these trees.

IPF uses yellow tape to mark trees needing repair


March 21, 2014

Michigan State University Infrastructure Planning and Facilities uses yellow caution tape around trees on campus to identify those trees slated for work due to the severe winter weather that hit MSU.

Work could range from trimming minor limbs to removing sections of the tree. Most trees that are marked will be pruned and saved, with few needing to be removed completely. IPF asks campus residents to avoid those trees identified with the yellow caution tape. Once work is completed, the tape is taken down, and the tree is no longer a caution area. 

IPF’s Landscape Services department maintains trees on a regular basis, resulting in fewer trees being damaged during this winter's ice storm, heavy snowfall and severe cold temperatures.

According to Campus Arborist/Landscape Services Coordinator Paul Swartz, 99 percent of the trees that still have yellow caution tape around them need only minor work done, which should be completed within the next few weeks.

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