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Keep 'em coming!

April 8, 2015

You know how people sometimes ask for your ideas…but it doesn’t seem as if they actually want your ideas? When you open your mouth to share some feedback, they give you that “Well isn’t that nice!” look. It’s enough to make you sit down, put your hand down and close your mouth pretty quick.

Now’s the time to open it. Because when I say, “I want your ideas,” I really mean it. I’ve had several comments and suggestions come to in the past two weeks. They ranged from inspiring success stories to thoughtful suggestions. I’ve read them all, and I want to thank the people who took their time to “open their mouths,” albeit via email.

If you’ve been with IPF for a while, you know that we’ve had initiatives in the past that have included asking for your input. We’ve had Participative Management and the MSU Way, for instance. You may have provided some feedback and felt disappointed that your idea didn’t get implemented. Maybe you didn’t feel heard. While I can’t promise that every idea will get implemented, I can promise that you’ll
be heard.

I’m not connecting this request for suggestions and comments to a particular initiative, because I don’t want them to end when the initiative ends. Getting your input has to be an “all the time” activity, not something that comes and goes. And while it may seem that previous initiatives did just that—came and went—they were really building blocks for everything that came after. Most of us use Participative Management concepts without even thinking about it, and many good ideas came out of the MSU Way and were investigated and implemented by Sparty Squads.

To make getting your comments and suggestions to me as easy as possible, I’m working with our communications and computer applications people to get a virtual suggestion box up on the website. It’ll include an easy-to-use form that lets you remain anonymous or leave your name if you feel comfortable with that. We’ll also be putting up some actual suggestion boxes in all IPF locations, so if you prefer to write a quick note and drop it in a box, that’s fine too. Or you can click on the link for The Details.

I’ll be honest with you—I’m hoping you send me so many ideas, stories, concerns and comments that I can’t keep up with them all! In fact, I hope to have so many that I have to ask some of you to help me evaluate them and respond. I’m not a one-man band, and thank goodness for that (we all know what one-man band music sounds like)! So stand up, raise your hand and open your mouth. I promise, I’m listening.

Until next time,