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Let's count our blessings

December 17, 2015

Over the past few months, I’ve been hitting some serious topics pretty hard, especially strategic objectives. I’ve done that because when I look at IPF’s future and all that we might be able to accomplish for the university, I get truly excited at what I see. I really believe that the way to get to that vision is through the process of creating a strategy, planning how to make it happen, putting our resources behind those plans and then letting all the smart, talented, determined, hard-working, inspired people who work for IPF make it happen.

This is the time of year when we count our blessings. I count you among mine. I know that without all of you, IPF would be nothing. I hear so many stories about the great work you do, but it never gets old. Each time I hear how someone from IPF went above and beyond, I feel proud to work here and be associated with you. If I seem to be pushing you to bring more to the table, it’s only because I believe
you have great ideas inside you that need to come out. Those ideas are the sparks that will light up
IPF’s future.

Right now, I see the lights of the season everywhere I turn. Those lights make me think that we could all use a break from strategic objectives and action plans. I’m not suggesting that you miss any deadlines (action plans are due the 18th, aren’t they?) or stop moving ahead. I’m just saying that this time of year makes me appreciate what I have, as I believe it does for many of you, and I want to take a moment to celebrate it.

I’m warm in a clean, well-lit office with all the power I need to do my work (thanks to many of you). I have enough to eat. I’ve got hot and cold running water just down the hall (again, thanks to some of you). I have fulfilling work at a place that makes an actual difference in many people’s lives. I have family and friends and a comfortable home waiting for me. I live and work in peace and safety, unlike many in the world. And I’m incredibly lucky to work with all of you.

It’s easy to lose sight of everything in our lives we have to celebrate. I hope you take a moment to appreciate all the wonderful things you have in your life.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!


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