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Look how far we've come

July 30, 2015

Yesterday, I sat with about 25 IPF staffers learning about the Baldrige framework (more on that later) that we’re using to guide us through this process of strategic development. It was exciting to think about where we’re going, but it was also a good reminder to take stock of how far we’ve come already. So I’m hitting the pause button just long enough to reflect on what’s already happened at IPF.

The Town Hall meetings gave me the chance to talk with so many of you, especially those I don’t often get to see. I was able to tell you a little about the vision for IPF (and if you didn’t make it to one of the meetings, you can watch this video to see that part), but more important, I was able to listen to your feedback, suggestions and questions. Note-takers at each meeting captured those conversations, and I’ve got a team looking everything over, responding or passing things on to the right people in IPF.

The Strategy Team has created a charter that clearly defines its goals and practices. Its members have done an IPF environmental scan (a way of looking at where we are right now) and are preparing to do an organizational SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). All this information gathering will give them the data they need to make fact-based strategy recommendations that could have an effect on everyone who works at IPF—including you!

The Strategy Team has also been working on identifying and creating subcommittees that allow more people in IPF to get involved and give the Strategy Team more hands and heads to actually get the work done. They still need more people for these subcommittees, so if you’re interested in participating, start by talking it over with your supervisor. When you get their OK, contact the subcommittee chair: Anne Phillips for customer engagement; Chad Stirrett for organizational performance (KPIs); Michelle Lavra for communications; and Jenni McManus for employee engagement. A new subcommittee on IT strategy has just been approved, too. Contact Barb Wilber for that one.

Last but not least is the Advisory Team. They’ve also created a charter and have been working on a number of process issues, such as how to align the IPF budget with our strategies and values, and how to best communicate with business leaders and the rest of IPF. The group also responds to requests, demands and tasks that come from outside IPF and looks at projects that have an impact on campus. The Advisory Team is also talking about how it will make sure that departments have the resources they need to be successful on projects that align with IPF strategic priorities.

Soon, you’ll see changes to the Hub that reflect our new functional organization, including pages for the Strategy and Advisory Teams. You’ll be able to check out the team charters and other documents the teams want to share with you, including notes from their weekly meetings (I know some of you have been missing the old Executive Team meeting minutes)! Watch for an announcement on this new area of the Hub.

Until next time,


P.S. I really want to hear from you, so if you have something to share, ask or complain about, contact me at Thanks!