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Let's get cooking!

June 19, 2015

Have you heard the saying, “May you live in interesting times”? Some take it as a blessing—others, as a curse. No matter which camp you’re in, you have to admit that IPF is living in interesting times.

A new functional “organization” chart ( was introduced at an IPF department head (IPF Business Leaders) meeting on June 8. This chart of our new matrix organization is a work in progress, and there are lots of ideas floating around about how the information should be presented. On one side of the matrix is strategy, and it saturates every corner of IPF like the smell of bacon on Sunday morning. Every decision should REEK of strategy! The IPF Strategy Team will be working with lots of you to cook up IPF’s strategic objectives.

On the other side of the matrix is the operational piece. How will we fund our strategic objectives? How do we make sure we operate within IPF’s values? How do we make action plans that achieve strategic objectives? The IPF Advisory Team makes sure these things happen. It’s like the plate that saves our strategic “bacon.”

Just about everyone else is in the middle of the matrix, right where strategy and operations meet. Most decisions are going to be made at that intersection, with people adding their operational expertise (eggs? pancakes?) to the plate and making smart choices. It also means that people throughout IPF will have to work together if we really want to serve up great customer service.

There’s a lot we don’t know yet, but here’s what we do know.

  • The IPF Strategy Team needs input and help from you
    • One way to add your flavor to the mix is by being on a subcommittee, including:
      • Workforce engagement
      • Customer engagement
      • Communications
      • Performance management
    • There will almost certainly be other subcommittees to come
    • If you’re willing to get in the kitchen with the rest of the cooks, please let your supervisor know you’re interested in subcommittee work
  • There will be several “town hall” meetings
    • Dates, times and locations are still being finalized (watch for an email)
    • You’ll learn more about this reorganization plan from me
    • These meetings are mostly for you to ask questions
    • Yes, there will be food!

That’s what’s on the menu, everyone, and whether you think living in interesting times is a blessing or a curse, it’s time to get off the sidelines and get involved!

Until next time,


P.S. Want to send me suggestions? Questions? Comments? Recipes? Send them all to